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LM Series Microindentation Hardness Tester: Economical Microindentation System

Ideal for a production facility or a research lab, our LM Series of Microindentation Hardness Testing Systems offers a variety of models (including analog and digital) with advanced features that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements and budget.


  • Load ranges from 1gf to 2000gf
  • Manual or auto turret
  • A variety of objectives, from 2.5X to 100X
  • Up to four objectives and two indenters on one turret
  • Smaller footprint saves space in your laboratory


Valuable for a variety of applications, including nitrate coating, determining hardness in layers, testing on thin specimens, and welding, to name a few.

LM Series Details

LECO LM Series Economical Microindentation System
  • LM110 Series
    • Economical solution for low-volume labs
  • LM310 Series
    • Digital measurements and hardness calculations
  • LM810 Series
    • Digital measurements, hardness calculations, conversions, and statistical hardness information
  • LM248AT Dual Indenter
    • Digital measuremenst, hardness calculations, conversions, and statistical hardness information

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