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TGA801 Thermogravimetric Analyzer: Moisture, Ash, Volatile Content, and Loss-on-Ignition

The TGA801 maintains the core capabilities and reliability of previous generations of LECO macro TGA instruments, while providing key improvements in performance and robustness. State-of-the-art hardware combined with a touch-screen software platform and rugged design provides accurate, high-precision thermogravimetric constituent analysis—moisture, ash, volatile content, and LOI in various organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials. Complying with ASTM standardized methods, the TGA801 is applicable to many industries and applications including coal, cement, catalyst, foods, and feeds.

Macro thermogravimetric analysis (nominal 1g) replaces the often slow, labor-intensive, traditional manual gravimetric techniques that require multiple sample weighing and transfer steps involving ovens, muffle furnaces, and desiccator equipment. Flexible method settings, automation, and hardware capabilities deliver an automated analysis process while requiring only the manual measurement of the initial sample mass, for maximum productivity in your lab.

Cornerstone Mobile remote software keeps the user updated from their smartphone, tablet, or PC on the instrument's analysis batch progress, performance, and status while away from the instrument.


  • Automated analysis of up to 19 samples for increased throughput.
  • Automatic end point recognition based upon sample mass constancy
  • Stable and precise mass measurements throughout the analysis cycle using an integrated, thermally isolated 0.0001g low drift balance
  • Precise furnace temperature ramping and set point control provides excellent temperature accuracy with low temperature overshoot
  • Rotating automation sequence provides uniform exposure of all samples to the furnace conditions
  • Automated control of furnace atmosphere and gas flows (air, nitrogen, or oxygen)
  • Flexible method settings enable configuration of system to emulate classic gravimetric test method requirements
  • Furnace lid locks open preventing the uncontrolled closure of the furnace lid in the event of a power or pneumatic interruption


The TGA801 is ideal for the following applications: Coal and Coke, Combustion Residues, Biomass Materials, Catalyst Materials, Soil and Ore Materials, Ceramics, Gypsum and Building Materials, Hydrated Lime and Cement, Flour and Milled Products, Feed Materials, and Resins and Polymers

Theory of Operation

The TGA801 Thermogravimetric Analyzer determines weight loss, including moisture, ash, volatile content, and Loss-on-Ignition (LOI), in various organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials. Weight change is measured as a function of temperature as samples are exposed to a temperature program in an atmosphere-controlled environment. The multi-sample furnace design allows for simultaneous analysis of up to 19 samples.

Analysis begins when samples have been logged in and empty crucibles have been loaded into the sample carousel. After empty crucible weights have been automatically recorded, the user is prompted to load samples. Once loaded, sample weights are recorded and the method-specified furnace-temperature program begins. One of three analytical gases (air, N2, or O2) are used to control the atmosphere inside the furnace during the course of an analysis. Temperature, temperature ramp rate, atmosphere, and duration (fixed time or mass constancy) are selectable for each method step. Moisture, volatile, and ash steps are most commonly utilized and are available as preset method steps.

The mass change of each sample is sequentially monitored throughout an analysis. Crucibles are automatically indexed to the position above (and lowered onto) the balance pedestal where sample weights are recorded. Percent mass change is typically reported at the end of each step; although alternative and additional calculations can be specified by the user in the method.

An external PC with LECO Cornerstone® brand software manages all of the quantitative calculations and saves all of the data.

TGA801 Details

LECO TGA801 Moisture, Ash, Volatile Content, and Loss-on-Ignition
  • TGA801
    Thermogravimetric Analyzer
  • TGA801
    Dual Furnace TGA Package
  • Desktop Touch-Screen Monitor (M)

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